Living A Life That’s Golden

A Southern girl with a Philly twist embraces self-expression   

A Philadelphia-based free spirit, Marquetta Bond exercises her style in the freest of fashions. She defines who she is through every accent piece she chooses and believes only SHE can determine her best self. This North Carolina native has never been the type to conform to fashion rules—dos and don’ts of style. Instead, she has insisted on making her own way, committed to her individuality. Back in the ’90s, she grew up in the grunge era, when her uniform of choice consisted of denim overalls and socks with Adidas slides. More than a decade in Philly has helped shape who she is through her fashions. Today, she wears bohemian-styled maxi dresses and bold prints, with the world as her oyster. She sees life as an inspiration to add a splash of color to the everyday, expressing her creativity along the way. Read about what captures her eye in the latest “What Influences Your Style?” feature. Follow Marquetta on Instagram @215conundrum.

1) How would you describe your style?
Bohemian chic. My style is colorful and comfortable but with a little bit of sexiness mixed in. My wardrobe consists of maxi skirts and dresses, playsuits, jumpsuits, hip-hugging jeans, lots of wedges (because a wedge takes a girl to new heights), and bold and interesting jewelry pieces—some pieces passed down from my late mother.

2) What has influenced your style?
Styles from the 1950s and ’60s, Persian prints and other cultures from around the world. Bright, beautiful colors are a go-to for me (especially in the hot summer months in Philly). They help me express my personality without saying one word. Gold accents are my favorite; I think they complement my skin tone.

3) Has your style changed in recent years? If so, how?
I recently was promoted in my company, so my style has a clearer division between my work life and my life outside the office. Prior to my promotion, I could wear more casual attire because I had to make a lot of home visits. Now, there are more blazers and professional clothes needed for my new role. My style also evolves when my weight fluctuates. Like many people, when I drop a few pounds I feel more confident and tend to dress more stylishly. Of course, when I’m not as active in the gym, I tend to dress more casually with leggings and tunics—something quick, easy and comfortable.

4) What caused your style to change? Was it location, job, friends/family, etc.?
My style is influenced largely by my curves. I search for styles that are flattering for my body type. When I step outside, I want to look beautiful, feel confident and know I am looking like the best version of me. So, whether I gain 10-15 lbs. or lose 10-15 lbs. I want to make sure my curves are accentuated. I’m a big believer that style starts with a positive attitude and perspective. I would never want to hide my body due to a few extra pounds here or there.

5) Who/What has been your greatest style influence?
Nature. I find beauty in everything around me: the city parks, the skyline, the flowers in bloom, the stars in the sky and everything in between. New experiences in new places also are a huge contributor. I was recently vacationing in New Orleans and the incredible culture there has a lot to offer. I’m looking forward to incorporating some of that inspiration into my wardrobe this fall. 

6) Are you happy with your style now? If not, how would you change it?
I'm happy with my style now. I think it will change as my workout regimen continues to improve. My curves aren’t a defining measure of who I am but they help me feel confident when the work I put in at the gym shines through. 

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