Over & Out: The Key to Wearing Overalls Again

By Camari Hairston

During my childhood, overalls were prominent. I remember when my mother used to Camari, and her sister, Christian, pictured for a holiday Easter photo. dress me in overalls and I strongly disliked wearing them. Growing up, I obviously did not appreciate the fad. Wearing the magnificent, one-piece garment in the 1990s was the “style.” Now, as an adult, I would definitely say I am in love with overalls. On many occasions, they are my No. 1 outfit choice over a plain pair of jeans.

There are different overall styles, including jeans, shorts and skirts. Wearing overalls is not only comfortable but it is also convenient for all seasons. Each authentic style can turn a simple outfit into the perfect amount of excitement to one’s ensemble. This great fashion trend began long before I was born.

Photo credit: SeenandSaid.Blogspot via Pinterest According to Modern Farmer, overalls were called “slops.” The style began in the 18th century. During this era, overalls were not a fashion statement but work attire—protective gear for laborers. Women did not wear overalls during this time but that was mostly due to the laws and social norms for women. Eventually overalls were not just worn for work, they were worn for the style … even by women. Vintage Dancer suggests it wasn’t until the late 1930s that overalls were advertised as acceptable wardrobe options for women. The first set of overalls were made in denim but soon thereafter designers created overalls in a variety of colors and fabrics. Not only were the materials and the color of the overalls changing, but the styles were too. The fashion went from a simple, denim one-piece garment to figure-flattering garments. Even the metal buckles on the straps had changed to metal buttons.

After the 1930s, overalls were no longer popular again until the ’60s. In the 1960s andPhoto credit: Pinterest 1970s, the overalls trend returned with a similar design but this time they were made with bootcut bottoms. The bootcut overalls were popular with hippies. Following the 1960s and ’70s, overalls were briefly worn again in the 1980s. However, overalls fully regained their fashionability in the 1990s with a new twist: the one-strap style. The one-strap style added a coolness to an already vogue look. For example, Will Smith on the sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or Jennifer Aniston on the sitcom Friends could be seen with one strap over their shoulder, and the other strap unhooked and flung toward the back.

This time around, overalls have remained in the Photo credit: Pinterest spotlight since 2014. For the last three years people have worn the style but they have adjusted accessories and more to fit into the current trends. Considering the number of years overalls have remained popular, who knows if the trend will end any time soon. Overalls have provided so many style options. They can be worn with sneakers, heels or even sandals. I believe the fashion’s versatility is its secret to longevity. I know I will take advantage of the oh-so-stylish and convenient trend, and I hope others do as well. Stay tuned for the last story in this series on peasant blouses. 

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