The Perfect Summer Dress Meets a Wardrobe Emergency

A DIY bra story

It was around this time last year when I first fell in love. I remember it like it was yesterday. I had poured my all into my first client contract, earning them prime spots in several TV news stories, the Sunday A-section of The Charlotte Observer newspaper, created online stories and even social media videos for them. I had also taught my first semester at the university and I lost a few pounds, too. It was a great year and, to say the least, I was definitely feeling myself. But it was time for a break.

For me, there was no better place to visit than The City of Brotherly Love. It’s the Marquetta and Stacy in Philadelphia home of one of my oldest friends and, thanks to her, I met the love of my dreams. I had begun my search online only days before traveling to Philadelphia. I was like a madwoman perusing sites for the perfect date—the one that will make me want to dress up and go out (instead of binge-watching shows on Netflix and diving into frozen pizzas); accompany me to the hottest spots in Philly; and party the night away. The day before my trip, I finally found the one … it was a mustard yellow, crisscross design with a waist-tie dress from Zara. I immediately contacted stores to find the nearly sold-out dress. There was only one available in my size and, lucky for me, it was in Philadelphia.

As soon as I arrived, my friend drove me to Zara in downtown Philly. I zoomed through the store’s annual summer sale. My eyes darted throughout the entire shop like I was a kid in a candy store but I stayed focused on my mission. I located the dress in minutes and let out a deep sigh of relief.

The first time I was to wear the dress I realized I forgot to pack my strapless, backless adhesive bra. So, what do two creative women do when one of them DESPERATELY wants to wear dress with crisscross straps in the back? We YouTube videos on how to make a bra.

Upon the advisement of at least three YouTube videos we decided to try athletic tape to hold up the girls for several hours. A woman who is well-endowed, like myself, should certainly expect to use a couple of rolls of tape (20 yards or more). While I was lying on my back, chest heaved up to my neck, my “breast friend” began to tape me in place. With one slight snip with the scissors and a tug of war with the tape, I was finally in place to wear THE DRESS. A few ridges (from the layers of tape) were prominent underneath the dress but I was determined to smooth them out the best I could for a day out in the city.

Did the athletic tape bra stay in place? For hours. Did it hurt when I had to take it off? Hell yeah. Was the dress worth all the trouble? Absolutely. But desperate times call for desperate measures, right? And so, the tale goes when you plan to wear anything other than a sleeveless shift dress in the summer invest in at least three types of bras: a convertible (strapless bra), an adhesive backless bra and a demi bra—perfect for lower, scoop-neck styles … or else you might find yourself in need of a buddy with athletic tape, praying to the gods when time to remove it. 

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