The season for change

Sept. 23, 2015

Hello …. Autumn! I’ve been waiting for you. Fall is the only season I long for throughout the year. For me, it’s that time of year when everything starts anew. As a child it marked the beginning of the school year, as a college student it meant fall sports were here (not that I’m athletically inclined in any way) and as an adult it means I begin the hunt for a new pair of boots to mark the occasion. This year, I am all about a mixed-texture, peep-toe bootie with heel (preferably less than 4 inches, please).  
Even more importantly this season marks the launch of my new business, 512 Public Relations Agency – a public relations firm which specializes in fashion, home and lifestyle communications. The company is named after the apartment where I grew up in Alexandria, Va., which represents a place of love, home and so many of the great memories that autumn evokes for me. I loved that place then and I still cherish the memory of it now.
Never in my wildest dreams, though, could I have imagined that I would open my own business. None of the steps I made early in my college career led me to believe that being an entrepreneur was right for me. Now, don’t get me wrong,  I was always tenacious to gain the most out of every place. I remember being a production assistant for a TV news station in the Norfolk, Va., area. Oooh, I wanted to be a reporter SO badly.  I studied journalism in college and thought it would be a good fit for me. I worked a 4 a.m. shift and often after my shift I would beg reporters to let me shadow them. During the weekend shifts, I would seek out a meteorologist who would help me learn about the profession and the behind-the-scenes technology of weather reporting.  I thrived on wanting to learn and know more. Eventually, I moved on to write for newspapers and later found myself in London, England, studying for my master’s degree in public relations. I studied fashion and business PR and began to make my interest in fashion public relations known to professors.
Soon I was working side by side with the PR professionals at the high-street fashion brand New Look and later with the PR team at luxury brand retailer Harvey Nichols (aka Harvey Nics). That was when I knew I had found my niche in fashion PR. My first day on the job at Harvey Nics consisted of separating these gorgeous pieces of fabric to return to designer brands. I was thrilled to sit inside the fashion closet while carefully placing each delicate item of clothing in between little sheets of tissue paper. After all, it was for Rodarte. This was only part of my life as an intern (as I worked my way up I gained more responsibilities quickly) and I loved each and every hour, sometimes even the bosses had to force me to leave.
And now I am here with 512 Public Relations, my new home. As the temperatures begin to cool off and fall has finally arrived, I am sure of this: It’s the right time AND the right season to make this transition. 

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