The Ultimate Accessory: The Cool Kid

5 tips on how to successfully stay cool (literally and figuratively) in the city

By Sherry Tagoe

Summer is days away and my son, Elyas, and I are happy to share our fashionable summer experiences on a monthly basis. Elyas is now 6 months old going on 16 and the fashionable summer is not ready for his extraterrestrial, radiating body heat in what seems to be the mildest of warm weather. With a mini muse in tow, I try to incorporate everything in my power to keep him cool and content for the changing season.

1) "Colder Than a Polar Bear’s Toenails": Elyas has this thing about kicking off one sock here, and one shoe there. I secretly believe that he does this so that he can giggle as I'm running around looking for odd pairs. We recently discovered a brand of soft loafers (sized by age) on Etsy. Ebooba is a Ukrainian-based leather goods company that specializes in footwear for even the tiniest feet. We selected three pairs for Elyas (all non-gender-specific) which were decorated with bright moons and stars as well as hand-stitched black elephants. You might think leather in the summer is a no-go, right? I thought the same, but on the cooler nights the light weight slippers are the best. They are made with quality material and a wonderful accordion feature at the heel that can sustain the strongest of kicks.

2) The Swimsuit Bag: Have you noticed the small beauty bags at your local fashion retailer? They are about the size of a sheet of paper or smaller and some are insulated. Welcome to the world of the new swimsuit bag. Although they were created for keeping your freshly used wet swimsuit from mixing with the other contents of your bag, I have found other uses for this nifty accessory. This little "envelope of genius" is great for keeping frozen fruits in Ziplocs a little colder on the go. The bag is great to store frozen teething rings that, on a usual hot day, wouldn't last three minutes. Finally, the miracle bag comes in many colors and the outside decoration keeps Elyas busy while I search for more age-appropriate distractions in my carryall bag.

3) “Caps for Sale”: This popular children's book by Esphyr Slobodkina is the tale of a peddler seasoned in the trade of caps. Our stylish protagonist knew a hat variety was important in a traveling wardrobe. Hats will always be my go-to to shade Elyas and myself from the earth's elements. I often wear an oversized men’s fedora when dashing out to an early sample sale or a day of thrifting.

4) Linen Doesn't Lie: Linen is one of those amazing fabrics that although the wrinkle factor can be a bummer it’s the coolest thing to drape your body with in the summer months. I recently scored a great pair of salted caramel-colored, linen, slim-leg harem pants for Elyas from Zara. Not only did they keep him cool but they also kept his legs covered from pesky mosquitoes. In the hottest of climates, I still like a nice oversized linen blazer to give that Annie Hall effect.

5) The Longest Yard: I seem to always carry fabric with me. I throw it in my bag for times when a multi-purpose cloth is needed. One piece of visually stimulating cloth can be a breastfeeding cover, a comforting blanket when the sun goes down or a headwrap after a dip in some recreational waters.

The hot weather and changing season are enough to make the coolest cucumber lose their cool. When it’s all said and done preparation will make your days out with your little one easy to manage and full of "haute" memories.

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