The Ultimate Accessory: The DIY Edition

by Sherry Tagoe

Greetings, guys. I hope the start of the new season is treating you well. Elyas and I missed you last month due to some unexpected life events that threw us offtrack. We are back, better than ever and ready for autumn.

One thing that life has taught me in this past month is that there are great benefits to reusing items and reworking an old look. I always said I would not become one of those moms ... you know the kind I mean. I vowed to never be that Do-It-Yourself (DIY), reworking, reusing parent. Well, here I am and let me say that I am thoroughly enjoying it (and making the environment better for the kids at the same time).

Converse Remixed: Shoe clips from Tagoe's grandmother.We have come a long way in terms of DIY. This concept is no longer just about your mother cutting your old jeans into shorts when you were a kid. These days, so many fashionistas are into DIY and many are making profitable businesses from their interests.

As you fall into your post-summer groove, here are five of my favorite no-sew fashion projects to add to your indoor activities.

1. The Tiptoe Topper

    Materials needed:

  -One pair of ballet-style flats

  -Super glue

  -Pom-poms or charms 

Grab a pair of ballet-style flats, leather or faux leather (synthetic material will work best for this project). With both shoes upright, take your matching pom-poms or charms and glue one to the top of each shoe.

Let the glue set for 24 hours.

2. Sleeveless Surprise

    Materials needed: 

   -One pair of scissors

   -One trench coat or light cotton jacket

This is a very simple way to revamp your old trench coat. Cut off both sleeves evenly (this project works best with a coat that does not have lining).

Once the sleeves are removed from the trench coat, wear your new gilet-style jacket over your most fitted denim or leather jackets.

3. Stenciled Totes for Tots

    Materials needed:

   -Two plain canvas tote bags

   -Letter stencils 

   -Fabric markers


   -Masking tape

Select two blank canvas tote bags. On a flat dry surface, lay both bags out on newspaper or protective paper. Select which words or wording you wish to appear on one side of each bag. Evenly distribute the paint across the stencils. Don't forget to hold your letters in place with masking tape. Allow to dry for 24 hours before using.

Pro Tip: This is a great mommy and me project to teach children about fashionable activism. Research quotes with your little one and create art with a message.

4. Infinity for Two

    Materials needed:

   -Two men’s T-shirts (the larger the better)


This is a super simple one. Take your scissors and cut both shirts across what would be their mid-section. Pull and stretch the bottom halves of the shirts. The fabrics will roll into each other. To embellish this basic infinity scarf, you can apply bleach to it with a spray bottle (Note: take extra precautions with bleach when around children).

Pro tip: Adorn your mommy infinity scarf with charms or pieces of costume jewelry.  

5. Wearable Art

    Materials needed:


   -Fabric markers


Grab your favorite kid (come on, you know you have a favorite) and a few fabric markers. Allow your child to create a picture/image on the back or front of your plain item.

Pro tip: Heat-set your image after it dries with an iron and a towel. 

Stay tuned for next month when I'll bring you the best fashionable fitness options and offer tips on how to stay in shape with your little ones in tow.

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