The Ultimate Accessory: The Dog Days of Denim

by Sherry Tagoe

Denim has been around forever and a day. It's true that it is timeless and the denim industry has supplied us with a fabric that can be utilized for fashion, design and beyond. I have always been a fan of the versatility of denim and its ability to cater to the masses. It's hard to find a fashion house that hasn't shown denim in their collection in some way—from Ralph Lauren to Isaac Mizrahi to Patrizia Pepe, denim has made an appearance. 

With so many indigo options out there, I’ve dissected five ways of incorporating denim into one's wardrobe.

1) Do add flavor with a blue denim fedora:
By now, you know my love affair with fedoras and how hats are staples in my wardrobe during any season. Incorporating the deep hues of indigo into your hat collection can brighten up your eyes and enhance your outfit. This is a perfect look for a Saturday adventure with the kids or a relaxing Sunday brunch.

2) Do double denim looks with your plus one:
With denim, you can be totally free without worrying about age appropriateness (in most cases) and gender-specific style. Denim is for everyone. Why not partner with your child (or children) for a day of twinning. Make a fun statement together using denim as the common denominator.  

3) Do distressed denim the right way:
A distressed jean can be a gift or a curse. I've often seen some ripped fashions exposing more leg than denim. I'm sorry, ladies—I am not a fan of looking like my clothes have been caught in a blender. There is a way of doing this right. Less is always more. A slight slit on the knee is more effective than you may realize. 

Tip: Make the perfect distressed effect on the knees of your jeans by using a fork or a grater, then throw the jeans into the washing machine.

4) Do embellish your denim jacket with statement pins:
This has been the year of the opinion; with that said, say it on your jacket! Use your jacket to express your thoughts with buttons that represent your ideas. Buttons and charms are nice on collars, sleeves and pockets. I have been known to accessorize with a number of buttons on one side using the clustering style.

5) Do rework that used denim men’s shirt:
Pull out that old denim men's shirt that you managed to save from the Goodwill bag last year. An oversized men's shirt can be a great addition to a simple black dress and a cute three-inch heel. Combining one’s style with such a simple masculine piece can give you the perfect balance of the sexes.

Denim can platform your style and, with the help of one of the above suggestions, you can create your very own signature to define your look.

Stay tuned for my piece next month on the best DIY fashion projects that are not only budget-friendly, but family-friendly as well.


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